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Why us Between US Different?


Why is Between US different?

We at Between US believe that the relationship is a safe vessel for change and so long as it remains in sufficient condition it can hold all that needs to be held. We can provide the conditions necessary for you to flourish and grow.

Karen and Jan are different because we have a wealth of experience in successfully changing behaviour, whilst prioritising the relationships. Our approaches in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Person-Centred philosophy are grounded in research and known to facilitate change. We have strong, rigorous theoretical backgrounds that informs our practice but it is our energy, dynamism, commitment and combined personal styles that makes us stand out! We have a life-long commitment to our own personal and professional development. Our personal and professional experiences have enabled us to understand and recognise how self-questioning can promote sensitivity, authority and awareness. However, we are a strong, talented, empathic and experienced team, confidently facilitating individuals and groups journey through unpredictable landscapes to find their right path, even when the terrain remains rocky, mountainous and rough.

What Jan says about Karen:

Karen is energetic and passionate about the relationship we have with ourselves and others. I admire her ability to see the nuances of relationships and how these might help or hinder the individual or organisation to meet their full potential. Karen works in a person centred way, and I see this thread in each aspect of her work. What I have observed in her is an incredible ability to hold her own position, in the face of significant adversity and organisational challenges, in a way that fosters engagement with an individual/organisation. She brings an incredible commitment and open mindedness to our work together. Her wealth of varied experiences with organisations means she is creative in her approach to projects.

What Karen says about Jan:

You will not meet a more honourable woman , she will work her proverbial off to support the person and the organisation when they are in conflict. She has the gift of being extraordinarily bright, and the talent of knowing how to use it! I first met Jan when we were in the same room with a client and I was awestruck by her attention to the person and by her ability subsequently to analyse the process. We have subsequently worked together in challenging circumstances when difficult conversations were a part of process and I continue to have the upmost respect for Jan and her work. She is a straightforward communicator and this is always with great passion, humour and genuine interest and enquiry with a wonderful Irish lilt.

“This above all: to thine own self be true.”

Hamlet, Shakespeare