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Our Services

Executive and Management Coaching

Coaching is a relationship and conversation with individuals, teams and boards. We provide organisational and leadership coaching to promote conversations to unlock a team and individual’s creative energy, enabling them to reach their leadership potential!

Most of us know that we cannot fulfil our potential alone. The coaching relationship you have with Between US will be a vehicle to change in your personal and professional life. We will hold the balance of these areas when you are struggling to do so. We provide a non-judgmental environment to support you to challenge areas that have become “stuck”. Our experience and expertise will skilfully move you to the new and exciting places you choose to be in your personal and professional life.

Professional Development groups

Professional development is necessary for us to feel supported in what we do, it’s to helps us stay ahead in our field and to feel supported whilst doing so.Karen has successfully run professional development groups, for example the WIT Group (Women in Transition) which successfully ran for three years and was transformational for all participants.

  • For people who need a facilitated safe, confidential, equal and reflective space to develop their leadership and practice with an experienced facilitator.
  • The group is facilitated by Karen and or Jan who contract and undertake the necessary work to build in safety, confidentiality, flexibility, understanding and respect to maintain the maturity of the group and to provide the essential conditions for a developmental reflective environment.
  • Each member of the group will have designated time to discuss and process anything that is relevant to their practice and gain any feedback they request from the rest of the group with the aim of gaining support and building on existing skills and awareness.
  • The group provides an opportunity to develop relationships to explore such areas as self development, sustainability, new product development, information about other sectors, action learning and support in general in a challenging economic environment.
  • The group runs for 4 meetings in one year from 2pm until 5pm (min of 2 hours) and full commitment would be needed (unless a crisis occurs!)
  • The meetings are held in the North and south of England, depending on the geography of the participants.
  • Quality refreshments throughout would be provided

Some comments from previous participants:

“Being part of the WIT group has provided me with a ‘safe space’ to share. The mature and balanced group, where time is given to everyone, promotes listening and reflection and a dialogue which has reinforced to me how important it is to invest in one’s own personal development needs. The connection between group members has been powerful and has also encouraged a sense of ‘safeness’ and opportunity to explore each other’s reactions and emotional responses to work place and personal challenges.”

“I was first introduced to the ‘Women in Transition’ group (or ‘WIT’ as the group was affectionately named) . I had started to feel very unsettled at work and really needed another professional to talk to who wasn’t connected to my line of work but who understood the issues of working for a large private organisation and the politics that can bring. I found that the issues at work had made me become very unhappy in other areas of my life and I knew that big changes were coming, I just didn’t know how, when or where my future career was destined for.

I remember meeting Karen at a coffee shop in Sheffield one evening when she told me that I wasn’t the only woman she had met recently describing the same kind of issues to mine. Karen contacted me not long after that coffee shop encounter when she told me about an idea she’d had about putting together a small group of female business professionals who felt that they were approaching a career transition. I registered my interest immediately.

Just 3 months, the first meeting took place. We were a group of 5 women who were largely from different professional backgrounds but who all shared one big common interest and that common interest was ‘transition’. None of us really had a firm plan at that first meeting about what our individual transitions would be but I remember coming away from the meeting feeling like we were all about to take off on one big journey. I could not have underestimated that more! At that first meeting , I was lacking in confidence, felt my career had no direction and felt unsupported. Over the course of the next 12 months however, I had 1) secured a job offer with a company 2) handed in my notice to the company where I had worked for 14 years 3) worked a 3 month notice period and said fond farewells to my peers 4) started a new job (and faced the usual insecurities with being the new team member and feeling under the spotlight) 5) started a new relationship! 6) got offered another job with a firm which I had aspired to work for…and accepted that job 7) moved house to my dream home in the country 8) started a new job in a new city 9) never looked back!

The WIT group could not have come along at a better time and undoubtedly provided me with invaluable support in a confidential environment.”


We will work with your organisation, your board and teams to reach your full potential and to be where you aim to be. All relationships require attention and development, and the workplace is no exception. We will address the areas in those relationships that require attention to achieve personal, professional and organisational ambitions. Attending to the relationship with self/colleagues, and teaching individuals how to change their behaviours, has resulted in them being able to work more cohesively, with greater self-awareness and the strength to maintain changes made, when the consultancy period ends.

Supervision and Developmental Services

Karen and Jan’s supervision practice includes groups and individuals, for example senior managers, medical Consultants, coaches and therapists.

Training, Supervision

Between US offers training that develops your biggest resource – PEOPLE. We model integrity, respect and freedom which facilitates you to sustain future challenges and high points in the organisation! We will design a course with you to meet your organisational needs. We have a track record of ‘spotting learning gaps’ and designing bespoke packages, which is inclusive and flexible.

We offer a range of training workshops throughout the year, including the following:

  • Communication – Embracing Your Selfishness!
  • Working With ‘Difficult’ People
  • Importance of the Relationship with Self & Others
  • Becoming a Leadership/Executive Coach
  • From Therapist to Coach
  • Empathy- Your Place or Mine?
  • Supervision Training for Coaches
  • Being Your Own Leader
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words or Do They?
  • Women in leadership – achieving equality and celebrating difference
  • Women in leadership – development programme
  • Our sexuality at work – Looking and feeling good programme for all genders

“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.”

Carl Rogers