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Our Testimonials

Coachees & Organisations

“I have pleasure and no hesitation in providing the following for Karen Ledger (KSLConsulting).”

Karen Ledger Provided Organisational Development Consultancy In support of a review and restructure of the functions within the Finance Department of Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust, working with finance managers to evaluate current arrangements, develop a new more effective structure and lead action learning sets to support teams individuals within those teams to deliver their roles.
The Work was over an agreed timescale, and the action learning sets concluded their work within the timescales set.
The restructure of the department took place. Team working relationships were enhanced thus providing a more cohesive and focused qualitative service to the Care Directorates under their responsibility and the Trust as a whole. Additionally, the junior members of the team were enabled to progress and develop their role within the Department as part of the action learning sets.
I have known Karen for many years as a colleague and was fully aware of her quality management and organizational skills, which I was pleased to use both in the restructuring of the Finance Department but more importantly as a personal coach. I have both admired and valued our professional relationship which has enabled me to perform better as the head of department and an Executive Director of the Trust. Furthermore, as part of the above project, the finance team found working with Karen to be extremely valuable to them, which is one of the reasons why the project went so well.”

Deputy Chief Executive/Executive Director Of Finance

“I found the Career Coaching tremendously helpful. Karen was well suited to my needs and values, and my personal development has moved on exponentially in just a handful of meetings. I found the whole experience to be the start of a journey in both my career and me personal life. I now have a far better balance of work, life and personal goals which has meant that my work/life balance has improved significantly. I also have more self awareness as well as more confidence in my strengths and abilities. My work situation changed towards the end of the coaching, and thanks to the programme I feel prepared and ready to face new challenges.”

Managing Director of MIH Solutions

“An opportunity for personal development which is empowering and motivating and is not bound by a set of “learning outcomes” or objectives that don’t suit the needs of an individual by focussing on the person, their values, behaviours and experiences as well as providing opportunity for practical discussions about career development; career plan plus has enabled me to “step outside” the workplace and embark on a personal journey.

The results of this approach have enabled the growth of my inner confidence and improved knowledge of myself. I have been able to explore personal responses and beliefs which have at times, present a barrier to my own career progression. Ultimately I find myself in a “better place” to be able to enact the practical steps that I need to take to be able to progress my career the way I would like.

I also believe that the process has helped to affirm to me the very positive qualities that I already possessed as a leader, qualities that at times I felt unsure about or lacked the confidence and self belief in, to be able to outwardly project is some work related situations.”

CEO One Health

“Thank you for encouraging me to take the time to undertake coaching following events of last year.  I am writing really to express the value Karen Ledger offered to me which was bespoke and responsive to my changing needs and feelings.  This was a transformational experience which facilitated a deeper understanding of myself and acceptance of circumstances and the behaviours of others.

I went into the process without any expectations, I certainly did not expect to feel the acceptance and resilience I do now.  I must praise Karen’s professionalism, supportive challenge, safe place offering and respect.

She is a god send and may be the answer to others’ prayers in the difficult times we have ahead.”

Public Health Workforce Lead

“I found them (coaching sessions) extremely helpful in the sense that they were personalised to meet my needs as a LCCG Board member. The sessions were very flexible, though Karen picked up on important areas to focus on, and fed these back to me in preparation for the following session. As you can imagine, the ‘brave new world’ can be as scary as exciting and these sessions were very useful in allowing me to focus on my strengths as well as weaknesses. As a result of the work with Karen, I felt more self-assured and ready to tackle challenge ahead (and I was part of the LCCG panel that went into battle on behalf oh LCCG in the Authorisation site visit-and we did very well!).

Thanks very much to you and Karen for your invaluable input.”

GP Board Member

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

Maya Angelou